Spindle Drives

Fields of application:

Spindle drives are the perfect tools when a load needs to be moved in a linear manner, e.g. lifted or lowered. Depending on the requirements, there are many design approaches: In case of high speeds and degrees of efficiency, the ball screw drive would be a good choice. A trapezoidal lead screw drive, on the other hand, is highly economical and provides a self-locking option.

The gear either drives the spindle or the nut. In the latter case, the spindle can pass through the gears which makes the drive very handy when there is only little space.

Thanks to our company’s long years of experience, Langguth is your premium consultant when it comes of safety concepts. We are happy to assist in calculating the load bearing capacity of materials or in selecting the safety nuts that best fit your purpose.


Medical Engineering (CT)

Medical Engineering (MR)

Table drive

Drive unit for assembly platforms

In medical engineering, for example, spindle drives are used for the movement of patient beds in and out of CT scanners. In the case of our particularly heavy-duty S33 A0, the drive is supported by a spiral spring which buffers free energy from the vertical movement in the lower section.

Due to the strong magnetic fields, the lift drives for medical MR tables must be completely made of antimagnetic materials. It goes without saying that eightfold safety and security plus 10 years of maintenance-free service life are more than reasonable matters of fact for our S40 S4.

Even though our table drive focuses mostly on the economical aspects, the S31 RB still perfectly meets all quality requirements the customer has with regard to low noise, long service life, flawlessness and accuracy.

For reasons of design, this assembly platform drive unit features two spindle drives for simultaneous extension and retraction. Topic and challenge during the development of the S22 SW were the positioning accuracy and compact makeup.

The spindle drive is one of the most used drives in medical engineering and in the economic sector since it hast the reputation to be robust and easy in handling.

If required, the spindle can be tailored to individual needs. The spindle mechanism is mainly used in medical engineering for MRI`s and CT´s but the mechanism is also utilized to move table engines.

Because of its various application fields, the spindle mechanism holds an axial bearing which is able to stand a great amount of axial weight. Within the axial bearing one finds a planetary gear which varies in size and material. They are made from steal which differs in quality and come in several diameters (mm).

Owing to the fact that it has a rather big diversity, the spindle mechanism is greatly applicable in the needed sector.

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