Special Drives

Fields of application:

It is simply impossible to present a general description of our special Langguth drives: they are as multifaceted as are the wishes of our customers.

The specifications the client provides usually limit the installation space available for the gearbox. In some cases, the special drive has to have one exceptionally long and thin end and the motor sits in a rather unconventional location. Or it needs to handle demanding environmental conditions in which the drive should have the same power consumption at -30°C and at +50°C; or the drive design is to integrate a special decoupling feature, two spindle gears or be made of unusual material; or ….

The fancier and trickier the requirements are, the more creative the Langguth development and design team is when it comes to realizing the customer’s ideas and wishes… apart from the perpetuum mobile … unfortunately.


Traffic Engineering

Medical Engineering

Linear C-Shape Actuator

In traffic engineering, the S25 VGU has been developed for bridging the gap between train door and subway platform. The many highlights it incorporates can be seen when we take a closer look:

  • although self-locking, it can be easily slid back and forth in cases of emergency
  • smooth shutdown in case of an obstacle yet highest possible starting torque during frost periods.

And these are just some of the extras of the 45-mm hero.

A medical engineering customer was looking for a gear that would allow handling of the mobile MR unit in case of a power failure. Langguth developed an easy to manage solution which completely decouples the drive motor.

The linear C-shape actuator SS99-ZI has many highlights: its small size of just 40 mm at the output shaft maximizes the travel range. The permanent brake acting in one single direction allows a three-dimensional trigger in up and down direction. And last but not least: the maximum travel distance is unmatched in this small design.

Portrait von Glen Gebhard

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Glen Gebhardt

Telephone: +49 (0)911 95214-11
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