Worm Drives

Fields of application:

Worm drives are a particularly economical and robust solution for a large variety of applications.

Output and input shaft are positioned at a 90° angle to each other. In general, one stage allows a reduction between 5 and 100. One of the most frequently used specialties of the worm drive is its self-locking feature which is a great way to ensure safe holding and braking of a load. Another advantage of the worm drive is its smooth and low-noise operation.

Worm drives are allrounders that can satisfy the most varied requirements. Let us be the ones who make your special wishes come true: whatever the requirements are, we can meet them at competitive costs, with state-of-the-art technology, by using an already available model or by developing a new variant that perfectly fits your needs.



Valve actuator

Packaging industry

Component handling

Since robotics require extremely high output speeds, the application of worm drives in this area is rather unusual. With the S53 FL, however, Langguth succeeded in developing a gearbox whose very small reductions and heavy-duty design drives the end device reliably and highly dynamically for many years.

Valve actuators for industrial valves usually need to be positioned with extremely high precision. That is why Langguth took various measures to minimize the torsional backlash. The extra rigid housing and massive shafts and flanges enable the S80 SP gearbox to master the requirements with excellence.

Besides speed and precision, economical criteria are crucial in the packaging industry. With the S50 PP, Langguth has developed a gearbox which perfectly satisfies all three of them.

To carry out the tasks with the required precision, positioning drives for component handling need to stand out not only for their excellent gear synchronism but also for an easy to control motor and the respective sensor system. For this purpose, the SS31 IL is equipped with two worm gear reduction stages.

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