Our Products


Worm drives are sophisticated and robust gear units which are widely used in the mechanical engineering industry.

Their special features are
  • high load carrying capacity
  • long service life
  • smooth and quiet running
  • maintenance-free operation
  • high gear reduction ratio even in one stage
  • self-locking option


Planetary gears are a very good solution for many applications.

Their highlights are:
  • compact structure with coaxial output
  • extremely high efficiency
  • high torque despite the small size
  • low inertia


Spindle drives are highly advantageous when linear motion is required.

We offer the following options:
  • ball screw drive or trapezoidal lead screw drive
  • driven screw or driven nut
  • self-locking or optimum efficiency
  • customized connecting dimensions and special designs


All of our gear variants and components can be combined and tailored to your needs in special drives. Langguth will find the perfect solution even for highly complex drive tasks.

Let us know your requirements, for example
  • unusual makeup or complicated installation situations
  • specific safety concepts (self-locking, single or double acting brake)
  • exceptional environmental conditions or operating points (e.g. brake to act in downward direction only)
  • decoupling for manual operation