Planetary Gearing

Fields of application:

Planetary gearing is the modern and compact solution for mostly dynamic applications.

The input torque is transmitted to the output side via three (in special cases even four) planetary gears. Reduction gear ratios of up to 10 can be achieved in one stage. If higher gear reductions are required, several planetary stages can be combined. Planetary gears are known for their very high efficiency and extreme precision. For optimized noise reduction and low torsional backlash, the planetary wheels can be geared helically.

Planetary gears often solve sophisticated problems instantly. Since input and output axis are parallel to each other, the required installation space of a planetary gearing is fairly uncomplicated. Here too, however, the golden Langguth rule applies: we are happy to meet your special requirements and provide additional functions.


Standard applications

Strong momentum

High speed

At Langguth, even the units for standard applications are top performers. Not many other planetary gears score as high as our P065.

If faster and more powerful is needed, we provide strong momentum with our P085. Its solid and robust design enables the gearbox to fulfill even challenging drive tasks in the blink of an eye.

High-speed applications which require not only top speeds and maximum acceleration torques but also a low angular backlash, are no problem whatsoever for the P288 planetary gearing made by Langguth. Maximum rigidity and highly precise helical gears easily meet and even exceed these demands with their smooth and low-noise operation.

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