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We attribute our success to our corporate philosophy which is lived by all of us – from trainee to senior management. Each one of our team actively drives our corporate motor and makes sure it runs smoothly. Friendly manners, strong and uncomplicated cooperation plus motivating criticism and constructive error management make us a winning team. Senior management and executive staff are always willing to listen to our team’s problems and suggestions.


We train by conviction. Our highly motivated coaches train the newcomers to the technical and commercial departments in a highly varied and hands-on manner. And we are happy to offer our trainees attractive professional perspectives in our enterprise once they are done with their apprenticeships.

The junior staff adds value and new spirit to our company in many different ways: A breath of fresh air, new ideas and unconventional approaches drive change, drive us.

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Fun at work

Langguth-Antriebe Mitarbeiter feiern

Work should bring joy! We want our team to look forward to their jobs in the morning and to be satisfied with what they have achieved when they return home in the evening. That is why we make sure that they are actively involved in all questions regarding work organization and workplace design, that they take part in decision-making and the shaping of their work environments.

So it is not surprising that the Langguth family loves getting together and spending time with the colleagues outside business hours as well. The regular 25-year or even 40-year anniversaries clearly show how much each one of the team enjoys working at Langguth.

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