The power package-due to supporting

The new linear actuator for X-ray tables will be a real power pack. As usual a critical installation space and lowest possible price are the basic constants of our design.

In this case, the lever conditions in the starting phase due to the required maximum travel path are so unfavorable that the drive brings out stored force of a tensioned spring. This saves motor and gear power that is no longer necessary in further operation when the lever conditions are more favorable.

This allows for a smaller size of components that helps significantly regarding the initially mentioned criteria of space and price.

The calm type: Our new double worm gear

For a vapor phase reflow Langguth developed a double worm gear with which the solder is moved by a lever mechanism in the soldering zone.

In this application, an extremely quiet and smooth run is important above all. The acceptance criterion was an upright coin, which was not allowed to drop during the movement into the hot zone and back again. A special precision of the toothing and the grinding of the shafts made this possible.

Affordable spindle drive with unsuspected strengths

affordable spindle drive

Our spindle drive family has youngest child. This time, the technical challenges were less prominent than the implementation of the requirements as inexpensive as possible.

But of course we would not have been satisfied if we not had been able to surpass the quality expectations of our customers anyway. Thanks to our smart design department.


Gear Motors for medical devices

Nowadays, gear motors for medical devices are often extraordinary. However:
This drive for a fast C-arm boasts an unusually high number of special features:

  • Fast worm gear for a maximum vertical movement
  • DC motor with a particularly high power density
  • Low-noise spur gear stage in order to be able to fulfil the installation space specifications
  • Double brake for fall protection
  • Convection brake to support the control of the up / down movement in 3D operation
  • … as well as a few more functional details that are not obvious

= a successful development result together with our customer and a component
of a promising new device generation that they consider to be important.




Planetary Gear P385Z

The P385Z planetary gear is intended for particularly robust applications. It is characterised by a robust bearing and a high transferable power.

Planetengetriebe P385Z


Our new office!


Thanks to a massive effort, the Langguth office was completely renovated and re-furnished within a week. We can now welcome our visitors in a modern and pleasant atmosphere that offers comfortable and creative working conditions.

Visit us and see for yourself!


We produce our own electricity!

For a short while, Langguth has been producing a significant amount of the electricity required during the production of the drives itself. In good weather conditions, over 250 solar modules on the hall roofs produce up to 50 kilowatts of electricity. In addition to the desired economic advantage (although this will only apply after a long period of amortisation), we are also delighted about our contribution towards climate and environmental protection

We now have two reasons to be happy when the weather is good. (Current electricity yield with a clear sky: 34,684 Watt)



X-ray table drive for the USA with a few extra wishes


The requirements placed upon drives in the field of medical technology are becoming ever greater.
Focus is not only given to the constantly increasing patient weights and the associated increasingly powerful drives with low space requirements. Country-specific peculiarities must also be taken into consideration.

The construction staff at Langguth were confronted with this for the first time when the drives for an American X-ray table needed to meet some special requirements.

  • They needed to remain fully functional, even after an earthquake.
  • Fire resistance also needed to be verified.
  • The weight of each patient measuring up to 270 kg (!) will be assumed throughout the full service life of 10 years.
  • The device may not be destroyed if rigid obstacles are struck at full speed.
  • All components must display a calculated eightfold security and, in some cases, must also be additionally visually secured.

Even when taking the special American safety requirements that go beyond the normal medical standards into consideration, it goes without saying that the table drive must remain economically attractive.

Yet again, this was an interesting challenge for our development team with an excellent result for us and the customer.


New patient table lift drive

patiententischA new drive for the vertical movement of a patient table has left the development stage and is now entering volume production.

With this construction, it had to be noted that the space beneath the table had to remain clear for external, mobile components. All drive components needed to be accommodated in the outermost edge area with only a minimal amount of installation space. A motor with two shaft outputs drives two spindle gears that synchronously lift and lower both ends of the table.

It goes without saying that great importance was attached to extremely quiet operation. The drive system emits no more than 55 dB (A) of running noise. The drive easily lifts the required lifting capacity of 450 kg. It has plenty in reserve for potential future expansions.


Langguth is celebrating!

langguth-feiertLangguth celebrated its 90th  birthday.

In spring 1920, Karl Langguth and Dr. Friedrich Pelke registered a business for the “Construction and sale of gearboxes and production and trade of automobiles and other relevant articles” under the name Langguth & Compagnie.

At the same time, we were also able to congratulate our manager of the electrical department on his 25th anniversary at our company. We are delighted that our colleague has remained loyal to us for so long and we would like to thank him for his tireless efforts and wish him all the best for the future. It goes without saying that the company focused more on culinary delights instead of drives on this day!


Anti-magnetic spindle drive

Antimagnetischer-Spindelantrieb_verkleinert_01Langguth has developed a spindle drive using only anti-magnetic components for use in a magnetic resonance tomograph.

All of the components – the spindle drive, housing, shafts, reduction as well as small parts such as screws, feather keys and shaft sealing rings – had to consist of suitable materials such as stainless steel, plastic or aluminium. Technical parameters for unusual material pairings that were still unknown had to be determined experimentally in advance.

All safety and service life tests have now been successfully completed and the drive has entered serial application without any problems.


Successful SPS exhibition in Nuremberg

erfolgreiche-messe-2009Langguth can look back upon a successful exhibition appearance at SPS Drives in Nuremberg. Even though the effects of the economic and financial crisis were noticeable amongst the visitors, the presentation of newly-developed special drives still managed to generate great interest. For instance, the presentation of the stainless steel spindle drive had a great response from extremely diverse interested parties such as the foodstuff industry as well as boat equippers.

Of course, the fully-functional model of a water mill from the 16th Century that was intended to illustrate the continuity of the excellent drive development from the late Middle Ages up to the current day attracted immense attention.

Overall, the partners, visitors and Langguth agreed that the expectations for the future can be viewed with great optimism.


Positive rating


Especially in consideration of the current critical situation on the financial market, we are delighted to be given an extraordinarily good rating from our principal bank. On a scale of 1 to 18, Langguth was given the top grade of 1 which constitutes an excellent result for a small, medium-sized company.

The good capital resources, the healthy mix of innovative capacity and prudent thinking as well as the responsible connection between the stakeholder family and the management board were honoured.

This award is excellent proof of the economic health of Langguth and the fact that we can deal with our future tasks with optimism. The only downside is that we will be unable to improve in this respect.


Langguth is expanding its business into Asia

langguth-in-china_01Langguth + Co GmbH, manufacturer of special drive motors based in Nuremberg is expanding its business into Asia. Beginning this year, the company that is specialised in the manufacture of gears for machine construction technology, medical technology and robot technology has also been supplying the Chinese market. Together with a partner company, a concept was prepared that regulates the direct sale of motors to China, e.g. for X-ray technology.

Comprehensive preparation work such as CCC certification was required for this. Due to the high quality demands of today, Langguth is the ideal partner for companies who have special drives in action and not only in Germany.


New belt pulley drives from Langguth

riemenradantriebeAt the request of a customer, Langguth + Co. GmbH in Nuremberg has designed a new S33 worm gear that specially takes the requirements of a belt drive into account. Here, the tensile loading is assumed by the belt in such a manner via a specially constructed bearing that the bending stress of the output shaft is minimised. Further special features include a particularly premium material selection in terms of the worm wheel and the end shaft as well as the sophisticated shaft-hub connections in order to deal with the extreme dynamic loads in this application.

The gear is constructed in a version with braking motor (as an asynchronous-servo) as well as in a version with clamp coupling for synchronous servomotors.

With regard to this development, it must be emphasised that the first samples needed to be delivered within 3 weeks following the initial inquiry. This was only possible through a special dovetailing of construction, purchasing and sample construction where the documents needed to be created, the components needed to be manufactured and the components needed to be procured at the same time. Thanks to a special focus on this project, it was possible to meet the deadline.