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Corporate Philosophy

Drive specialist Langguth has been an expert and innovative partner in the development and manufacture of worm drives, planetary gearing and special drive solutions for nearly a century. The outstanding quality of our products have made our Nuremberg-based family enterprise grow into a strong brand in drive technology.

Paramount to our lasting success is our corporate philosophy. Each one of us – from trainee to senior management – lives by this philosophy, creating a team that actively drives our corporate motor and makes sure it runs smoothly. Friendly manners, strong and uncomplicated cooperation plus constructive criticism and feedback make us a winning team.

We focus on long-lasting, strong relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers rather than on fast and short-lived business. We build on honesty and trust – fairness before quick profit. These are the values we live each day.

Our History

Langguth Geschichte 1921: Anmeldeschein


The story of Langguth begins in 1921. Engineer and designer Karl Langguth and merchant Dr. Friedrich Pelke found a company for “The construction and sale of gearboxes and manufacture and distribution of automobiles and respective items.” Unfortunately, Karl Langguth falls seriously ill in 1928 and passes away shortly afterwards.

Langguth Geschichte 1930: Motorradgetriebe


Langguth launches its first product: a motorcycle gearbox. The design is brilliant – marketing, however, is not. Since the technical principle is not protected, a big motorcycle producer rebuilds the gearbox on its own and pockets the success. Langguth just gets the short end of the stick.

Langguth Geschichte 1947: Wiederaufbau nach dem Weltkrieg


The reconstruction after the Second World War is difficult for Langguth, too. Important employees were killed or are still missing; there simply are no resources or machine tools. Business at Langguth is limited to repairs or the adaptation of components to existing machines. The company is without a vision for the future.

Georg Ramsauer


This all changes when Georg Ramsauer comes into the picture and takes over Langguth. He is brimming with new ideas and his inventions attract customers and ensure economic growth. Georg Ramsauer and his family have been the owners of Langguth ever since. The second generation, Georg Ramsauer’s sons Günter and Rudolf, took over in 1971 and since 1998 the company has been in the skillful hands of grandson Gernot of the third generation.

Langguth-Geschichte 1960: selbstentwickelte Produkte


Georg Ramsauer, his sons and engineer Ulherr break new ground: Once again, Langguth develops, builds and markets its own products. The company launches a series of worm gearboxes and spur gearings. In addition, special gearboxes are becoming more and more important for the small company. Together with the Zippel corporation, Langguth engineers the first drive for a vertical carousel cabinet, whose principle has remained unchanged to this day and is still used in many workshops and warehouses.

Langguth-Geschichte 1980: Firmengebäude


In 1980, the old production facilities on Sulzbacher Street no longer provide enough space. Langguth buys a piece of land in the newly developed industrial park “Schafhof” situated in the northern part of Nuremberg and construction of a new building begins. A 3-story extension is added in 1997. Since then, minor extensions and additions have been accompanying the continuing company growth.

Langguth Geschichte 1982: Automatische Torantriebe


Georg Ramsauer develops something new and absolutely unheard of: drives for swing and sliding gates. The makeshift solution originally designed to open his own garden gate in an easier way than by hand, transforms into a state-of-the-art series product which undergoes many improvements and optimizations over the years to come. By the mid-80s, Langguth has become the largest manufacturer of yard gate drives in Germany.

Langguth Geschichte 1996: Langguth etabliert sich als kompetenter Partner bei Antriebslösungen


When it becomes clear that the market for yard gate drives is steering towards cheap and low-quality products made in the Far East, Langguth decides to add new impetus with a profound corporate reorientation: special drives with highly technological and first-class gears. Success is almost immediate: Langguth establishes itself as the expert partner in drive solutions for robots, vehicle superstructures, plastic injection machines and many more fields of application.

Hersteller von Antrieben von Medizingeräten Langguth Geschichte 2000


The company’s efficiency, competency and persistence in the development of special drives establishes Langguth as a highly esteemed manufacturer of drives for medical devices with the international market.

The requirements of the medical customers regarding quality, delivery times, certification and more necessitate continuous extension and enhancement of equipment and improvement of the entire organization.

Langguth-Geschichte 2010


Thanks to the constant growth and development of corporate capabilities and capacities as well as equipment and facility excellence, the portfolio potential keeps growing: high-quality planetary gears, double worm drives and helical spur gear units are now integral parts of production.

New customers are from traffic engineering, the packaging industry and process engineering. What they all have in common: they needed something special!

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