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Our Products – Precise Production, Maximum Flexibility

Our gearbox components are the results of high-tech man-machine interaction and collaboration. The single modules are either milled or turned from solid material via CAD/CAM or finished as cast iron parts. Shafts of different steel qualities are usually lathed from the bar and then ground with the highest precision. Lesser quantities of special gear wheels are manufactured in our gearing department.

Thirty highly skilled and qualified technicians guarantee that our production shop turns out only the best quality. We produce small gear drive series as well as annual amounts of several thousands. Thanks to the performance of our excellent employees and the use of state-of-the-art machinery, no part or order is too complicated.

Our varied production potential and reliable suppliers allow us to be extremely flexible. When we procure materials and accessories, we consider the economical factors as well as the environmental and quality aspects.

Of course, we are certified according to ISO9001:2015.

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