Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find the catalog that allows me to select the right drive?

One reference point might be our Product Brochure which provides the technical specifications of our worm drives and planetary gearing.

We would be happiest, however, if you asked us to work out the perfect drive for your special application.
Contact us – our advice is absolutely free. Contact us.

What is the delivery time on the products?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to provide a general delivery time for unconstructed drives. Depending on their complexity and urgency, we can, however, produce prototypes within a few weeks‘ time.

What we can absolutely do is promise to keep the final delivery deadlines.

Does Langguth manufacture only worm and planetary gears?

Worm and planetary gears are the heart and soul of almost all of our drives. If your application shows that a supplementary spur gear, bevel gear or belt stage would be advantageous: No problem whatsoever.

Which motors can be attached to a Langguth gearbox?

Here we are absolutely open to your customer requests. It is possible to add DC motors, EC motors, servo motors, three-phase and AC motors, as well as special motors. Talk to us, we will be happy to meet your individual requirements.

Customer-tailored special drives

Isn’t a catalog drive much cheaper than a special drive?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Our experience shows that it can be much more economical to customize the drive specifically to your needs. The advantage is a much greater one when it comes to peripherals, assembly, service, quality. If, however, a series gearbox is totally sufficient, we will tell you and take care of the rest.

Does Langguth make special drives only?

The drives we produce are tailored to the customer and tuned especially to the individual case. Of course, we can also provide a standard drive which we procure from our partners.

What is the typical development of a special drive?

  • Contact us
  • We will ask you for the necessary technical details
  • We will draft a rough design and technical concept and quote the price totally non-binding and free of charge (that takes about 1 to 2 weeks)
  • You give your OK
  • We develop the drive and present you with the design (that takes about 3 to 4 weeks)
  • You give your approval
  • We build some prototypes (delivery time depends on the complexity and supplier parts)
  • All fine and ready to go!
  • We start serial production

What items should we consider when we choose a motor or gear?

  • Operating mode (continuous operation S 1 or intermittent operation)
  • Required service life
  • Necessary torque and speed
  • Available space
  • Available voltage
  • Special environmental factors (temperature, humidity, vibrations …)
  • Increased axial and radial loads on the shaft
  • Self-locking feature
  • Supplementary equipment (brake, encoder …)

What amounts can I request?

More than 1 but less than 10,000

Are my design data and trade secrets safe?

Of course. We implement the basic European regulations on data protection 2016/679. All areas that require data processing are reliably protected and access follows a strict regiment

The conclusion of a mutual non-disclosure agreement is no problem at all.

Is it possible to manufacture drives from stainless steel?

Yes. It is possible to construct a drive solution made of stainless steel.

Can drives also be supplied with protection class IP 65 or higher?

Basically yes. Talk to us and we will build you a drive in the degree of protection you require.

Can Langguth deliver explosion-proof drives (ATEX)?

The requirements for an explosion-proof drive (ATEX) require a type test. Together with you and our external specialist, we will develop a suitable design that meets all requirements.

Gear technology

What exactly are self-locking gears

One specialty of the worm drive is its self-locking feature, which can be a convenient and important safety criterion.

Self-locking means that the input shaft allows no backward movement by the output shaft, i.e. the output shaft is blocked when the input shaft is standing still.

Static self-locking means that gears that are standing still cannot even start under load (strong vibrations may, however, cause the gears to start moving slowly). Dynamic self-locking means that running gears brake safely and stay put when the motor is switched off.

When is a worm drive self-locking?

Self-locking depends on many factors.

As rough indication we could say that a gearbox more or less self-locks at a reduction of i=30.

A worm drive definitely self-locks when the pitch angle of the worm is less than the gear friction value converted into an angle value. The latter depends on the lubrication, the tooth shape and material, the run-in, the operating temperature and other values. Very often, a value of 5.5° for static self-locking and 3.5° for dynamic self-locking is realistic.

Our Engineering Department would be glad to lay out your requirements.


What warranties does Langguth provide on its products?

The warranty follows the legal provisions and expires after 24 months.

What guidelines and directives apply to the Langguth drives?

All Langguth drives comply with machine directive 2006/42 EC for incomplete machines.

Adherence to further directives is, of course, possible. Please contact us for more information.

Do the Langguth drives comply with the RoHS and REACH regulations?

Our products do not contain any substances in concentrations that would forbid their distribution and comply with all legal provisions, i.e. Also RoHS and REACH.

Can Langguth actuators be CCC certified?

Yes. On request, it is possible to obtain the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for drives which are delivered to China.
Our certification partners are TÜV Rheinland and the China Quality Certification Center (CQC).

Is it possible to CE mark Langguth actuators?

No CE marking is required for pure gearboxes, as this is an incomplete machine according to EU Directive 2006/42 / EG. The CE marking is given to the complete machine that is brought into circulation. On request, you will receive an extended declaration of incorporation for an incomplete machine, which can be included in the CE documentation.

The motors are also available in UL or CSA versions?

Yes. It is possible to obtain motors with UL (primarily for the USA) and CSA (Canada) certification marks. The certification marks mean that a product meets the applicable safety and performance standards in the relevant countries.

Do Langguth drives have lifetime lubrication?

All gear reductions are provided with permanent lubrication, due to our high performance gear oil or gear grease, relubrication is not necessary.Trapezoidal thread spindles are not maintenance-free in all applications. However, Langguth has experience with materials and lubricants that enable a very long service life


Does Langguth have production sites in foreign countries?

No, we don’t. Langguth produces exclusively at their site in Nuremberg.

We purchase the necessary third-party components from our longstanding, reliable and regularly certified partners, mostly from Germany or the neighboring EU countries.

What is the production depth at Langguth?

Langguth can carry out all production steps that are required in house.



Milling (5 axes)


Gearing (gear hobbing)


Deburring (sanding)


Checks, tests and inspections



Is Langguth a family-owned and family-run company?

Yes, it is. Langguth & Co. was founded by Mr Langguth and Dr Pelke in 1920 and taken over by Georg Ramsauer, the grandfather of today’s Managing Director, in 1956. All company shares have been in the possession of family Ramsauer ever since.

Is Langguth certified?

Yes, it is. Langguth DEKRA certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

What is the size of Langguth?

Langguth is a medium-sized company with approximately 50 employees. Our size allows us to respond flexibly to all requirements and still be up to the tasks.