Entwicklungskompetenz von Langguth Antriebe

Your Problem – Our Challenge

Are you looking for the tailor-made drive or the high-precision gearing? Is the market unable to offer you a satisfying solution? Our creative team of developers will be glad to brainstorm with you. Our experienced experts listen to the customer, find out where the problem lies and what technical solutions we can provide to solve it. Tricky issues are a welcome challenge for us.

With state-of-the-art CAD software, our creative team drafts a first design. Since the distances between departments are short, we very often can produce a prototype parallel to the design process. In this way, we can carry out initial tests and perfect the idea in the development phase.

More often than not, our designers provide convincing results in no time at all because they may have solved a similar task in a similar way before. And if not, we will develop an individual new design – usually much faster than expected.

Entwicklungskompetenz Problemstellung Bild
Entwicklungskompetenz Problemstellung Schneckengetriebe
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