Company Philosophy

We accept challenges!

Interested parties who have already failed using systems commonly available on the market often approach us. We then make the customer’s problems our own.

There is no such thing as “no can do” at our company. Everything is questioned and unconventional approaches are investigated as it is often possible to fulfil impossible requirements and deadlines with creative approaches to solutions.

Fairness towards the business partners!

As a family company that has grown over many years and is focused on sustainability, growth at all costs is unimportant to us. We consider a real partnership with our customers and suppliers to be much more important than a fast deal. Preferably over years and decades.

The foundation of such a partnership is trust that we wish to practice far beyond the standard level. Potential problems are openly communicated and we find a solution together.

We are all part of the Langguth family!

firmenphilosophie_wir-alle-sind-die-langguth-familieWe can only be effective if we work together. Shareholders, managing directors, employees in every department: Everybody at Langguth is an important cog that is needed in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Our employees should be given the best possible workstation and the best possible further training as this is the only way to ensure extraordinary performances at work. This also requires that supervisors and the management board are also available at all times to discuss problems and suggestions. A friendly atmosphere amongst all colleagues is a particularly important element at our company.

We consider it to be a matter of course that we train our young talents ourselves. We also consider it to be our responsibility to hire our apprentices and offer them perspectives within our company.

Every single day, this is our incentive:

It has to be fun to work at Langguth!