Solutions and Product Development

An example from the field of medical technology:
Lift drive for a C-arm

Requirement 1: Difficult installation conditions

  • No space for a gear motor
  • Fall protection

Solution: Langguth gear unit

  • Motor and gear on the side with sufficient installation space
  • Extremely flat gear wheel ratio for spindle mount
  • No self-locking possible, double safety brake for this reason


Requirement 2: Weight counterbalance

The 3D-control of the C-arm requires:

  • Motor current in up/down directions to be approximately the same

Solution: Langguth convection brake

  • Single-acting brake
  • Oil flow via labyrinth (can be set via screws)
  • Wear-free and good heat dissipation
  • Minimum space requirement




Example from the field of drive technology:
Z-axis for linear robots


  • High speeds up to 6000 rpm
  • High dynamics
  • High loads
  • Difficult environmental conditions


Solution: Langguth worm drive

  • Optimised conditions
  • Reinforced housing
  • Special shaft seal
  • Solid shaft
  • Four-gear worm
  • Reduction i=3
  • Special lubricant
  • Highly tempered materials